My daily routine in a nutshell.

I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be.  I stay up very late on weekends and in the summer, and sleep in till 7:30-9:00.  On school days, I am forced to go to bed at 10:00.  This is a good bedtime considering I have to get up in the morning at 6:00 or sooner.

One of my parents will come in and turn on my light, saying it’s time to wake up.  I would use an alarm clock, but I hate the perpetual beeping and they never wake me up because I can turn them right off.  My parents never really wake me up either.  When they open my door and turn my light on I nod my head and say yes but then my head falls straight to the pillow when they leave.  On those rare occasions that they let my dog out while I’m in bed, they will let him in and he will come rushing up the stairs and to my room.

If the door is open he will run in, stare at the bed or pace around the room, and whine, and whine, and whine.  This goes on until I get up and feed him.  One of the reasons I think it is hard for me to get up in the morning is because I have a loft bed.  This is a bed on top of a desk with a ladder.  It takes too much energy when I’m dead tired to haul a 30 pound dog (that’s supposed to be 12lbs) down the ladder.  But that’s just the way it goes.

I will feed my dog and by now I am half awake/dead-zombie and get dressed.  Then I am pretty much fully awake and I eat breakfast.  Then I get on my computer and check Zooomr.  I will check my email which is still littered with 80 emails I haven’t read, and will never get to reading.  Then I rush the last couple minutes to get socks, backpack, and shoes to go to school.

I go to school, and come home in the afternoon.  I go upstairs throw my backpack somewhere on my floor and turn on the computer.  Then I do my homework, half reading Zooomr things, email, and other stuff.  This is not the best routine because this prolongs the agony of homework, but I got in the habit and it’s hard to get out of.

I live way in the middle of nowhere so it’s hard to go outside and play with friends because, well, there are no people whatsoever around us that are my age.  So my days are filled with boredom unless we watch a movie as a family or something.  I usually do have a lot of homework on some nights (I procrastinate a bit so that makes it worse) so I have to do that.

Then I go to bed at 10:00 or a few minutes afterwards and my routine basically repeats itself.

That is my daily routine in a nutshell (sort of).


~ by draconian58 on November 21, 2007.

One Response to “My daily routine in a nutshell.”

  1. I’m 40 years old, and I haven’t been to school in 20 years. My routine is exactly like yours, except I go to bed later, and get up earlier (by a really obnoxious alarm clock), and not only does my dog whine, but so does my kid, and my wife.

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