Good portrait lens for Nikon D50?

Do you guys have any suggestions for a good portrait lens.  I’m wondering because of Trevor Carpenter’s December Challenge.  If nothing good come up, I always have my current lenses, but I would like your guys’ input.  I hear the 50mm Nikkor is a good lens.  If you had the chance would you get the 1.8 or 1.4 lens?  Thanks.


~ by draconian58 on November 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Good portrait lens for Nikon D50?”

  1. 50mm/1.8 is the best (price/function). i own a 2.7 (it’s really cheap:)
    i’m very happy with this lens but i do not portrait’s (;

  2. I really like my Sigma 30mm. Just a bit different than the typical 50mm, but it suits me much better.

  3. I’m a Canon guy, but I think the Nikon 50’s are similar to the Canons. If your hard on your equipment, and can afford the high price, the durable 1.4 is probably the better choice. Otherwise you can’t beat the inexpensive 1.8, my 1.8 takes wonderful photos, because the the entire cost-to-produce/value of the lens is in the glass.

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