Piano Recital #1 – November 17, 2007

Well today, after about two and a half months of playing the piano, I had my first recital at a small church. This church is small, but still, it could accommodate enough people to make me nervous. I have a really bad case of stage fright. I was third to perform in a lineup of seventeen students.

The first performer was outstanding, understandable since he had been playing for six years. Then, my teachers grandson went up. He played really simple songs, but he’s really young and only been playing for two months. Then it was my turn, and I figured, better now (sooner) than later. The more I put it off, the more nervous I would get.

I messed up pretty badly, although I am the biggest critic of myself (psychology, proven fact). I made around five mistakes in my first piece, March Slav by Tchaikovsky. Obviously the crowd didn’t know so that’s good. My next piece was pretty impossible to mess up. The name of the piece is Indian War Dance and is a pretty fun and simple piece. The only thing I messed up on this one was hold the last note for too long. No big deal!

The entire performance was pretty much two hours long. There was lots of talent here, and it was very enjoyable. I would have liked to do better, but I really wasn’t that bad. My mom left saying she was relaxed. There was a lot of peaceful music, but a lot of the pieces were pretty compelling. I saw people with four sheets of paper for one song, and that one song took five or so minutes. Yeah…that’s me (unfortunately) in a few years! Not good!

It was fun and a good experience. I guess it really is good for me to do these things, but if I had a choice, I probably wouldn’t do something like this.

P.S. My opinion probably would’ve changed if I’d had more experience performing in front of people. The piano is a very complicated thing, with four to six different things going on in the same song at the same time, and your brain has to assimilate all this and put it together into a captivating piece of music. All this and I’ve only been playing for two months! I’d hate to see how much is going on in my head two years from now! Sure, the notes are right in front of you, but that doesn’t really matter. I forgot my song when I got up there to tell the truth! That is how nervous I was.


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