New Typing Record Reached!

This is not that exciting, but it is for me.  I used to be bad at typing, not listening to my computer teacher at school when she tried to help me.  I finally gave in and decided, what the heck, and started to read the pop-up notes the typing program brought up every time I reached a new key.  You have no idea how much this helped.  I used to type so slowly.  I remember when 26wpm was fast, and I was racing to beat my friends.  Now, such and such years later, I am typing 105wpm as my top speed record.

This is the same paragraph over and over again, but every time you make a mistake, you have to type the letter over again and then continue.  This includes spaces as well.  This test is fairly easy, no relatively confusing or complicated words to type.  Still, reaching a speed is all in the typer, not the paragraph their typing.  Now could I hold up this speed for a long amount of time.  I don’t know, I guess it would depend on what I was typing.  My eyes might get tired over time anyway staring at a computer screen.


~ by draconian58 on November 18, 2007.

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